Tapping into the Drink Market

The soda business can be pretty tough. There are a lot of companies out there competing to give customers the best drink possible while making the most profit possible. I entered the soda business a few years ago, and I had some trouble out of the gate. I thought that my soda formula would be an instant hit, but getting people to even drink my soda was a challenge. I hired a consultant company to give me a good data strategy that would ensure that my company could sell to many people and have a chance for some growth in the future. They came up with some good ideas that the company could implement.

The data from the company helped me to determine which markets to sell the soda in to get the most customer penetration. Some markets were more open to trying newer sodas than others. Some markets would simply stick to a particular flavor or brand, and not venture out beyond that except for in rare cases. I knew that if I could build up a good base in the markets that were more likely to try new soda, the other markets would respond based on popularity. We came up with an aggressive ad campaign for these markets and began stocking in stores.

The ad campaign worked, and the markets started to gravitate toward my sodas. Through word of mouth, news about my sodas began to spread, and more people were starting to try them. Some people would even post videos of them drinking the soda online as sort of a taste test and review. The people that watched these videos would become curious about the soda and then rush to the stores to buy them. Now the markets that are less than likely to change drinks are going to my sodas.