Shady Neighbors Moved in Next to Me

I never really gave home security a second thought because of the type of town I have lived in for the last 30 years. That all changed when people moved in two houses down. They looked so shady, and it truly frightened me to know that they were so close to me. I decided to go online and see just how affordable a home security system would be, and I was truly surprised at what I found out. The deals that I was able to find from ADT Security almost seemed too good to be true.

I knew that they were valid though because ADT is such a reputable company. They were running a special where I could get the equipment for free, and the installation charge was very small. When I inquired about additional equipment to make sure that every point of entry was covered, I was satisfied with the price that I was quoted. I was happy when the installer was able to come out within days of my inquiry, and he was quick and efficient. I was a bit worried that it was going to take me a while to get used to using the system, but it is very easy too.

He spent some time showing me how the digital display that he mounted in my entryway works. He also was patient showing me how to use the key fob as well as the mobile app. I am not extremely tech savvy, but it was simple enough for me to understand within just a few minutes. I feel so much better knowing that I have this security system. Everyone around me knows that I have it too because of the sign in the yard and the decals on the windows too. It’s sad why I had to get it, but I am just thankful that I was able to!