Planning My Cousin’s Bachelor Party

I have been put in charge of planning my cousin’s bachelor party. The big thing is to know how much money is going to be available and how many guys are going to show up. Fortunately we pretty much have a sponsor, or in fact a few of the guests are pretty much wealthy enough to pay for this sort of thing. At least they can do it so long as Rob is not going to get married a dozen times. I was checking out this limo place, looking to view the fleet and figure out what one of their party bus packages is going to cost. The capacity on these things seems to be around forty to forty five people and at this point it seems as though that will be adequate. We are pushing up against that level right now though and if more guys decide they are in we shall be over it. Originally we were going to ask everyone to contribute fifty dollars. Obviously if you have forty people kick in that much, then you come up with two thousand dollars. That is a pretty good start on a big night out, but probably not enough for what we have in mind. Of course fifty dollars is a bigger deal to some guys than it is to others. I came to realize that a fair percentage of the guests probably would not be able to come up with it. Fortunately about five of these guys are involved in a software company and they have made a pretty nice bit of change after it went public last year. I talked to them the other night and they eventually decided to kick in five hundred dollars each. It was not a big deal to them and now I just need a bit more.