My Brother Needed His Website Revamped

When I looked at my brother’s website on my mobile phone, I was really surprised at how garbled it looked. There was not a lot of functionality that way, even though it worked perfectly if I used my laptop computer to access it. When I told him about this, he said he knew that he had to find a company that does ecommerce website design so he could make his website compatible any device. Years ago when he had it created, it was only accessed by computers. Times are different today though, which meant that he was losing a lot of customers because he was not able to reach them.

Look around when you are out, and you will likely see people on their phones. It seems that is the most popular way to access sites today, and I told my brother I would help him find a company that can do that for him without breaking the bank. His company is doing okay, but not reaching the full potential market did mean he was not rolling in money. I was able to narrow it down to a couple of web design companies, and he chose the one that he wanted based on their own website design.

I figured he was going to choose the one he did because I liked the way their site looked too. To me, that spoke volumes above everything else. It was extremely easy to use and maneuver around it, and the services they provide are quite extensive. My brother talked with them, and they had some suggestions for him other than revamping his site so it would be accessible from any device, whether it is a computer, tablet or mobile device. They did a fantastic job too, and they were quick! My brother’s bottom line has definitely improved since they redesigned his site.