It Gives Us Both Peace of Mind

My neighbor is nearly 90 years old. I have known her for the past 20 years, ever since I bought this house She has seen my kids grow up, and I have been with her as she buried two of hers. She is the sweetest lady, and I was furious when someone tried to break into her house. They were not successful, but I know it put a fright in her that really bothered me. I decided to look into a Hikvision IP CCTV security system to see if it was affordable to get one for her.

I already knew that I could not afford to get her a professionally installed one that comes with monitoring, but I knew that she didn’t need the monitoring since this was just so she could see who is at one of her doors. It works through an app, and I would just have it set up on my phone too so I could view it anytime I heard someone outside. I looked at a few different sites online, and I chose the company that had the best reviews on an independent site. I liked not only what I read about the equipment and kits, but also how I saw the customer support staff is with customers.

After looking at the site for about an hour, I knew which kit I was going to get her. She has three doors leading into her house, and I wanted a camera at each one. I thought it would be good to have a camera attached to the garage too so she would be able to see if anyone is messing around there. It was quite simple to install, and I know that she feels so much better having this. The peace of mind that it gives both of us is exactly what we needed!