I Like to Meet People from My Homeland when I Get the Chance to Online

I have such a great time with many other South Asian Desis online. My parents and I left India many years ago, and I miss being around more of the people from there that I connect with so easily. I am a very nostalgic person, but my parents are not. I love being able to speak in my native language with others on a daily basis while we talk about our favorite Bollywood movies and the actors and actresses that star in them. It is also nice to hear from my online friends about the area where I used to live with my parents, too.

My parents felt that it was best to leave India long ago because they wanted the ability to make a better life for themselves. They worked so hard when we live there, but they felt like they really weren’t getting anywhere. My father said that he thought for many years about whether or not we should leave our homeland. When he realized that he would never be able to make ends meet on a continual basis while there, he knew it was time to leave. He began talking to my mom about leaving, and they both decided to think about where we would all move to.

My parents finally decided that we would move to the United States. We have a lot of distant relatives who live here, and dad’s two brothers came here over 15 years ago, too. They felt that having family nearby would give us some stability and comfort here, and they were right. Life is good now. My mom and dad still work hard, but they are no longer forced to fight so much to do better financially. We have everything we need now. My father has moved up to a management position at his company, and mom now owns her own business.