Deciding Between Two Gaming Headsets

I have been searching for a great gaming headset for quite a while now. I have been using the same headset for over 5 years and now that the foam is coming off of my current pair, I have no choice. There are a ton of different headsets to choose from out there and I could not believe the differences in the price range. I found two that I am trying to choose from.

I came across the A30 headset that can be used with all types of systems. Xbox, playstation and the PC. From the reviews I have read, it has pretty awesome sound, too. I read some reviews about people who have accidentally walked away with their headphones and and ripping it right out of the system only to plug it in and have it be working perfectly still. This really appeals to me because I have 2 small boys at home and they pull and tug on everything. It does come with a pretty hefty price tag, though. It is probably the only thing I am not thrilled about.

The other one I was considering was the Top Dawg Bluetooth Stereo Gaming Headset. What I like about this is the bluetooth capabilities. Not having a wire to bog me down would be really nice when I need to get up fast or forget I have them on. The noise cancellation is nice and being able to use it with multiple systems is always a plus. Best part about this is the price is quite reasonable. I was expecting it to cost a bit more than it does.

I am still on the fence but I am leaning towards the Top Dawg Bluetooth headset. I just think it would work better for my current surroundings. I am going to be doing a bit more research but I am fairly certain I have made a choice.