Be Skeptical About What You Hear Concerning Trump

Until I found a news feed that offers up Trump news, I bought into the party line and believed all the bad stuff that was said about him. I was a loyal Hillary voter during the election, and couldn’t believe the country would ever seriously entertain the idea of electing a brute and a clown to the highest office in the land. I was one of those crying faces people saw on the television the night of the election when it became apparent that Trump won the election. I spent the next few months in a daze.

Then I started noticing something funny with the media. They weren’t reporting truthful things about the president. In fact, they turned into an echo chamber where they all repeated the same stuff about the president. Moreover, they would actually use the same words and phrases about him. It sounded like someone wrote a memo and then sent it around to all the news stations and they just read it on the air. That alarmed me a lot. How can you have a free and open media if someone is trying to use it as a megaphone to send out a message. Where’s the real reporting?

My theory that the media operated as a mouthpiece for their multinational corporate owners deepened when I found the news feed about Trump and started looking for article written by smaller outfits as well as ones written in different countries. What I found was shocking to me. I think it’s abundantly clear that we no longer have a free press in this country. And without one of those, you aren’t going to get the truth about the serious issues. I’m still not a fan of the president, but I’m less a fan of the Democratic party and their media mouthpieces.