A Magician for Our Wedding Reception

I had no idea that I was going to hire a wedding magician in London until I went to an event that had one, and it was so much fun. When I went to the magician’s website to find out more, I saw that he actually does a lot of wedding events. I would have never thought that the two would mix, but it is obviously something that really works since he does over 60 weddings a year! The more I thought about it, the more I knew that i wanted to hire him to do my own wedding.

The wedding was only a few months away at this time, so I was not even sure if I would be able to have him come do it. Thankfully, he was not booked for that evening, and I was able to hire him to entertain my guests. I did not tell anyone that I was doing this except for my future in laws. I needed someone to help me plan it since I was a bit busy with other details. My husband, who was just my fiance at the time, is a huge fan of magic shows, so I wanted this to be a surprise for him too.

When this guy walked up to the table that he and I were sitting at our wedding reception, my husband had no idea who he was. To see his facial expressions when he realized that we had our very own magician was so worth it though! We got so many pictures and videos of that night, and my husband has watched some of the video clips many times to try and figure out how a particular trick was done. He still hasn’t been able to do that, which just goes to show how good this magician really is!